Cargo pub (Cargo)
Chromaticity pub (Chromaticity)
Circulation pub (Circulation)
Country pub (Country)
CourierProvider pub (CourierProvider)
DesignOrderItem (Design Order Item)
File (File)
Finishing pub (Finishing)
Image (Image)
Job (SKUType Job)
LogisticProvider pub (Logistic provider)
MerchColor pub (Merch Color)
MerchModel pub (Merch Model)
MerchPrintArea (Merch Print Area)
MerchPrintAreaImage (Merch Print Area Image)
MerchPrintSide pub (Merch Print Side)
MerchSize pub (Merch Size)
NovaPoshta pub (NovaPoshtaProvider)
NovaPoshtaWarehouse pub (Nova Poshta Warehouse)
Order (Order)
OrderItem (Order Item)
OrderStatus pub (Order status)
Pack pub (Pack)
Package pub (Package)
PaperDensity pub (Paper Density)
PaperFormat pub (Paper Format)
PaperType pub (Paper Type)
Parcel (Parcel)
Product pub (Product)
Region pub (Region)
ShipmentOrderItem (Shipment Order Item)
SKUType pub (SKU Type)
SKUTypeOrderItem (SKUType Order Item)


JSON response example:

    "result" : false,
    "code" : 2,
    "message" : "Token invalid"

Token messages:

Code Type Description
0 success Logged in
1 error Authentication fail
2 error Token invalid
3 error Token expired

Processing messages:

Code Type Description
101 error Object type not found
102 error Wrong HTTP method
103 error Malformed JSON
201 error Could not create the object
202 error Could not create list of the objects
203 error Could not update the object
204 error Could not update list of the objects
301 error Could not find the object
302 error Could not find the objects
401 error Could not delete the object
402 error Could not delete the objects
403 error Could not delete all objects